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Our thoughts on sustainability

Teurn Studios represents a curated wardrobe of exceptional quality, design, and craftsmanship. We strive to make garments that last for years and years, thereby making it easy for our customers to build long-lasting wardrobes. This aspiration is at the core of our sustainability ethos. 

Beyond this overall focus on longevity as a defining trait in everything we craft, two additional cornerstones in our sustainability work are to:

  • Strive to always choose the kindest to nature option when it comes to our materials, and design with circularity as a priority.
  • Aspire to be scope 1-2 climate net neutral by no later than 2025 and scope 1-3 net neutral by no later than 2035. This through well thought-through and impact-minimizing choices related to all bits of our value chain; from logistics to materials. But also through investing in projects that are not solely CO2e offsetting, but that also enhance Nature in regenerative ways.

If you have any questions or ideas when it comes to our sustainability work, you can reach us at